Commercial Services
  • Systems furniture installation
  • Receive and inspect new product for content and damage
  • Set up and install, as per plan
  • Work with new and used product and/or reconfigure existing
Corporate Relocation
  • Relocate to new site or reconfigure existing site
  • Systems furniture
  • Private office furniture
  • File rooms, libraries, medical records and shelving units
  • Computers, copiers, and other electronic equipment
  • Pictures and art work
  • Conference rooms & tables
Re-Carpet Work
  • Remove existing furniture and equipment for new carpet
  • Lift panel systems for new carpet install
  • Demo and dispose of carpet and tile
  • Re-install panels, furniture and equipment

Project management

The key to creating any efficient and professional job environment is to have excellent management. We strive for this goal, which is why we staff experienced project managers to guide the process. Each job is unique, requiring time and attention to make sure all aspects run smoothly. We can assure you'll have the full attention of our team during your project.


We consider our install team one of our strongest assets. Our entire crew consistently strives to be professional, courteous, polite and hard working. Years of experience and leadership make our jobs efficient. However, performing quality work is always our priority above quick work. Because of our performance, most of our customers are return business. Our install team is a key factor in the long term relationships that we create with our customers.


Our design staff can bring your ideas to paper with a few questions and a quick meeting. We will present 2-D and 3-D images of your cubicle layout to ensure you are getting exactly what you had envisioned.


After reconfiguring, upsizing, and downsizing, companies can end up with excess furniture. Storing this furniture on site can be difficult because of the bulkiness and different sizes and shapes of your furniture. Our warehouse is ideal for just this type of storage, keeping your furniture safe and dry. When storing your furniture, we take inventory and protect any product returned to our warehouse with furniture pads and shrink wrap. This assures your investment is protected and keeps your inventory neat and orderly.


At ORLANDOMILLER Installations, we'll receive your product at our warehouse and deliver it to your location. In the case of a construction time delay, we can store your product until it's ready for the install.

Wood Touch up

Scratches, gouges, and deep knicks often take away from the appearance of a quality desk. You can save money by having one of our craftsmen make your old desk look like new again with a touch up and polish. We also touch up any wood in homes, hotels, or restaurants, making your space look new again.

Panel cleaning

Our commercial cleaner will remove most any stain. This cleaning is sure to spruce up any environment by removing smell, mold, and stains. We can clean anything that has fabric, from cubicle walls to chairs. Our cleaning is an easy process, and it will renew the look of your environment for a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

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