Office Furniture Install Training Program

Come be trained by a well-known and respected name in the furniture business!

The instructor, Orlando Miller, has worked in the industry for years installing office furniture and will help you reach your goal towards an Office Furniture Installations Career. Orlando Miller wants students to graduate with skill and confidence. Specifically this ensures successful entry into the world of Furniture Installations.

    Ninety-Five Percent of the time you spend in our Office Furniture Install Training Program is hands-on and on-site with real tools & equipment.

    • Training in a week or less for standard office furniture
    • Trained by a well-known professional in the field for 16+years
    • Gain confidence
    • Gain a skill that will provide an income that YOU are in control of
    • Provide for yourself and your family
    • Once trained, come back and gain additional skills with unique styles of furniture
    • Build community with fellow students, businesses, and other furniture professionals
    • Hone your skills and become your own boss

    Your First Installation Job

    When you get to your first Install job we want you to make a good name for yourself and our Office Furniture Install Training Program. Orlando Miller will never takes shortcuts or rush you through the process. Many students graduate in under 2 weeks. However, students are allowed to take as much time as they need to become Professional Office Furniture Installers. You will receive your first furniture Install job shortly after graduation. Our goal is to help you become the best candidate for the Furniture Installer position you are applying for.

    Will accept payments from Workforce center, non-profits, and third party payers.

    Give us a call at 952.405.8402 and let us help you get started in your new full or part-time Furniture Installations Career!